Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday, find my favourite links, my workouts, the playlists I listened to, what recipes I made and more from the past week!

Another week of quarantine has come and gone, and I finally made it out of the house! Being able to put a little makeup on (I actually remembered how!) and get a change a scenery felt really good but it was definitely strange going to Walmart on a Saturday morning and seeing the parking lot more than half empty.

Other than the normal day to day things that always get done, not much else happened this week, which is totally fine. We tried to get outside as much as possible, when it was nice, and I finally figured out to borrow library books on my e-reader (compelling stuff over here, guys…). But enough rambling!

Ready for some inspo?

Succulent pot 1


From Glitter Guide: 6 Ways You Can (Safely) Brighten Someone’s Day During Social Distancing

From Bustle: 80 Conversation Starters That Don’t Have To Do With Coronavirus

From The Everygirl: 20 Recipes to Try When You’re Stress Baking

From Gimmie Some Oven: How to Cook Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish, Shrimp and Tofu in the Oven

From Beat of Hawaii: How Air Travel Transformed Hawaii

From Lynzy & Co.: 30 Days of Activites to Clear Your Mind During Quaratine | Printable

From Jamie Kraus Home and Living: Spring 2020 Home Tour (Jamie is one of my *fav* local bloggers here in Kelowna!)

From Apartment Therapy: 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home

From How Sweet Eats: What I Read in March 2020

BONUS: My favourite email newsletter that hits my inbox just *once* a week is Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, which, of course, is delivered first thing Sunday morning. I’ve only recently found out about this one after another weekly email stopped being published and gave suggestions to similar emails. If you like having a little positivity first thing in the morning, especially on Sunday, give this one a try!


all workouts can be found in the Tone It Up app
(from the middle of March to April 22, the app is free for new members!)


My goal is to workout at least 30 minutes a day, 6-7 days a week, even if it’s a stretching routine or meditation.


  • Beach Babe Program Day 4: Manhattan Beach Booty (26 minutes)
  • Self-Care Stretch (Postnatal) (10 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 5: Cardio Core (25 minutes)
  • Stretch + Release (16 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 6: Sunset HIIT + Push Up Challenge (24 minutes)
  • Flex Week Stretch (10 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 7: Beach Yoga Tone (30 minutes)
    • Week 1 of the Beach Babe Program done!


  • Beach Babe Program Day 8: Beach Bombshell HIIT (31 minutes)
  • Ultimate Foam Rolling (16 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 9: Bikini Arm Tone + Abs (23 minutes)
  • Self-Care Stretch (10 minutes)


  • Much needed rest day!




Recovering from Reality by Alexis Haines


She is GRACIOUSLY offering her book for free right now (find it here), so if you have an e-reader or a device that you can read from, give it a go! It is not for the faint of heart (she addresses her experiences with and around depression, drug addiction, abuse, serving jail time, etc. ) but if you remember the infamous “Bling Ring” from a few years ago and are interested in the real back story and how she has ultimately gone from a self-confessed hot mess to hot mom, this might just be the escape from quarantine you’re looking for right now!


It was my birthday last month (yay for quarantine birthdays…) and I had a birthday coupon for American Eagle and Aerie so I did some online shopping and snagged a few goodies that are perfect for spring!


my favourite stay-at-home outfit


ae spring 2020

(left to right)

These oversized boyfriend tees have my name written all over them! Definitely go down a size or two when ordering. They have a long boxy fit to them and they are perfect for wearing with leggings, especially since they come in a ton of different colours.

This oversized fleece has me feeling all sorts of cozy! This is another one you will want to size down in, at least a size or two. I’m typically a L/XL in most tops and tees and I ordered an M, which is still almost too big! There was no S when I checked so I’m just going to try a shrink it a bit 😉

Ah…the Soft and Sexy tee…you will forever have my heart! I’ve been wearing these tops for years and they hold up so nicely. They feel like a dream! I went with a L for both, which is my normal size in this style (the camo is here and the burgundy is here).

Ok, there you have it! Here’s to another week!


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