Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday, find my favourite links, my workouts, the playlists I listened to, what recipes I made and more from the past week!

To say this week was hard would be a considerable understatement. My gramma, at 96, passed away last Wednesday and my world is shattered. To know me is to know her and how much she meant me. She leaves not only a huge gaping hole in my heart but my entire family’s. So I’m sure you will appreciate and understand that this week’s post will be short and sweet.


We got her to Waikiki for my wedding 6 years ago this month when she 90 years old!

I will say, though, there were a few bright spots in these past few days – it was finally warm enough to put laundry on the line outside (something I live for in the summer time – does that make a me a good housewife? 😉 ), Penny got to help Pops (my step-dad) paint the new chicken area in the barn, which was the cutest thing (just picture a 3 year in shorts, a t-shirt and pink rubber boots covered in white paint and you’ll get the gist of how it ended), and I stress-baked the best apple cake ever.

Ready for some inspo from my past week? Let’s get to it!



From Jamie Krause Home and Living: 20 Canadian Businesses to Buy Home Decor Online 

From Jo Cooks: Pretzel Bites

From Lauren McBride Blog: My Current Favorite Body Products

From Half-Baked Harvest: Homemade Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts (that’s a yes from me!) + Watermelon Rosé Palmona

From Glitter Guide: 7 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look Cleaner + Everything You Need To Create A Pinterest-Worthy Pantry

From Free People: I Tried It: Dyeing My Clothes with Avocado

From Spend with Pennies: Classic Breakfast Sandwich

From An Affair of the Heart: Bloody Mary Burger (this isn’t a new link but I just found it and it looks AMAZING!)



(all workouts can be found in the Tone It Up app)


W/O – Rest day

Dinner – Chicken Chow Mein kit from Costco


W/O – Box ‘N Barre (22 minutes) + Stretch It Out (11 minutes)

Dinner – BBQ sausages, corn on the cob and Caeser salad


W/O – Get Your Flex On (27 minutes)

Dinner – Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, Caeser salad


W/O – Yoga Booty Beach Flow (17 minutes) + Self-Care Stretch (10 minutes)

Dinner – Chicken Taco kit from Costco


W/O – Rest day

Dinner – Instant Pot Sticky Garlic Peanut Noodles with Chicken


W/O – Quiet Cardio x 2 (18 minutes) + Superbabe Arms (12 minutes)

Dinner – Leftovers


W/O – Poolside Yoga Flow (24 minutes) + Post-Workout Stretch (8 minutes)

Dinner – take out!





I posted this Mother’s Day Gift Guide! While I didn’t quite get around to doing one this year, all the items on this list are amazing gifts and everything, except for one item (the pink “Mama” sweatshirt) is available to purchase still!

mothers day 2019

Here’s to another week of quarantine!

And did you notice that Cinco de Mayo is *actually* on Taco Tuesday this year? We like the good ol’fashioned tacos from a box but I recently tried a Nude Beverage Lime Tequila Soda and it was like I was back in Cabo having the most perfect unsweetened margarita by the pool so that will definitely be my drink of choice for our taco dinner!

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their sweet messages and loving thoughts sent to me and my family during this time. We appreciate every word and every single one of you!


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