Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday, find my favourite links, my workouts, the playlists I listened to, what recipes I made and more from the past week!

Well, in Week 3 of Quarantine news, I finally came to grips with reality – my poor nails were looking pretty sad so I took them off 😦 #firstworldquarantineissues

I can deal with not getting my hair done (even though I miss Jenn like crazy!), my face has been kind of ok without seeing my skin-care guru, Erin, but nails… that’s the one thing I hate not having done! But it always good to let everything breathe once and a while, even nails, and I haven’t done that in about 6 months so it was time, I suppose. Who else is rocking their roots and ratchet nails right now??

Anyways, on to more *important* things… what’s everyone’s Easter plans this weekend? We’re keeping things super low key – Penny is dying eggs for the first time and she’ll wake up to a surprise Easter basket and egg hunt. Holidays, like this one, are so much better when you have a kid, I think. She LOVES seeing the Easter Bunny “paw prints” on the floor first thing in the morning and looking for her chocolate eggs outside. It’s all very cute and we are soaking it all in while she’s still little.

I also went through all of her saved clothes this past week and have two huge boxes ready to leave the house once we all can! One is going for donation and one is going to a girlfriend who has a baby girl a little younger than Penny. It felt so good to go through those Rubbermaids again and purge!

Ready for some inspo from this past week? Let’s get to it!



From The Cookie Rookie: 54+ Easy Freezer Meals to Make Ahead of Time

From Damn Delicious: Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo 

From Merrick’s Art: 20 of Our Favorite Family Dinner Recipes

From Spend with Pennies: Quick and Easy Pizza Bagels (uh…yum!!)

From Camille Styles: 20 Organizational Tasks You Can Tackle in 5 Minutes or Less

From Lauren McBride: She Shed Office Space (I would love to have a She Shed or Babe Cave one day and this is giving me all the inspo!)

From Jamie Kraus Home and Living: DIY Spring Boho Garlands

From Ali Manno: Gardening + Planting Our Own Food

From Hawai’i Magazine: Hawaiʻi Hotels Light Up With Messages of Hope

From How Sweet Eats: 15 Favorite Dinner Recipes that You Can Watch Me Make Step-by-Step!

The Everygirl: 45 Nostalgic Movies and TV Shows to Watch RN



all workouts can be found in the Tone It Up app
(from the middle of March to April 22, the app is free for new members!)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 10: Beach Booty Camp + Sandy Stretch (19 minutes)
  • Studio Stretch Sesh (15 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 11: Slay with K&K + Abs (24 minutes)
  • Self-Care Stretch (10 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 12: HIIT Me Up (18 minutes)
  • Stretch + Release (16 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 13: Rockin’ Core (24 minutes)
  • Post-Workout Stretch (8 minutes)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 14: Yoga Flex (31 minutes)
    • Week 2 is done!


  • Beach Babe Program Day 15: HIITY Bitty Bikini (19 minutes)
  • Home Stretch Pre-natal Stretch Routine (15 minutes) (no, I’m NOT pregnant, I just wanted a new stretching routine!!)


  • Beach Babe Program Day 16: Coconut Core + Booty (34 minutes)




Happy Easter Sunday!
Hope you have a wonderful day, despite what’s going on.
Go ahead and eat that extra chocolate bunny – you deserve it!

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